Kieker Tools

All tools can be found in the binary bundle ( in the tools directory. The tools directory contains a set of tools prepacked as tar and zip archives. Each archive contains one tool with all its libraries and start scripts. The start scripts are located in the bin directory and the libraries in the lib directory. In the tool root directory, e.g.,trace-analysis-1.14, you can find a log4j.cfg file, used to configure the logging output for your tool. The bin directory contains two scripts one named after the tool usable in Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, etc. and one with .bat extension for Windows.

To change the logging setup you can either change that file or define additional options with the JAVA_OPTS environment variable, e.g.,

export JAVA_OPTS="-Dlogback.configurationFile=/full/path/to/logger/config/logback-trace.groovy" or use the tool specific _OPTS variable, e.g., TRACE_ANALYSIS_OPTS for the trace-analysis tool.

Furthermore, you can use both variables to pass additional JVM parameters and options to a tool.

Please note there are other tools available for Kieker which are not bundled with Kieker.