Log Replayer

Replays filesystem monitoring logs created by Kieker.Monitoring. Example applications are:

  • Merging multiple directories containing monitoring data into a single output directory.

  • Importing a filesystem monitoring log to another monitoring log, e.g., a database. Therefore, an appropriate Kieker. Monitoring configuration file must be passed to the script.

  • Replaying a recorded filesystem monitoring log in real-time (or faster/slower) in order to simulate incoming monitoring data from a running system, e.g., via JMS.


usage: kieker.tools.logReplayer.FilesystemLogReplayerStarter [-a <factor>] [-c <pathtomonitoring.properties>] [-d] [-h] [-i <dir1 …dirN>]

[–ignore-records-after-date <yyyyMMdd-HHmmss>] [–ignore-records-before-date <yyyyMMdd-HHmmss>] [-k <true|false>]

[-n <num>] [-r <true|false>] [-v]


Long Option




–realtime-acceleration-factor <factor>

Factor by which to accelerate (>1.0) or slow down (<1.0) the replay in real time mode (defaults to 1.0, i .e ., no acceleration /slow down).


–monitoring.configuration <pathtomonitoring.properties>

Configuration to use for the Kieker monitoring instance




prints additional debug information




prints the usage information for the tool , including available options


–inputdirs <dir1 … dirN> –ignore-records-after-date <yyyyMMdd-HHmmss> –ignore-records-before-date <yyyyMMdd-HHmmss>

Log directories to read data from Records logged after this date (UTC timezone) are ignored (disabled by default). Records logged before this date (UTC timezone) are ignored (disabled by default).


–keep-logging-timestamps <true|false>


Replay the original logging timestamps ( defaults to true )?


–realtime-worker-threads <num>


Number of worker threads used in realtime mode


–realtime <true|false>

Replay log data in realtime



verbosely prints additional information


The following command replays the monitoring testdata included in the binary release to another directory:

log-replayer --inputdirs
   --keep-logging-timestamps true
   --realtime false

Listing A.3: Execution under UNIX-like systems

log-replayer --inputdirs
   --keep-logging-timestamps true
   --realtime false

Listing A.4: Execution under Windows