Analyzing your monitoring data offline

Kieker comes with a trace diagnosis tool which allows to analyze monitoring logs offline and produce different outputs. In detail they are:

  • Deployment-level UML sequence diagrams (.pic)

  • Assembly-level UML sequence diagrams (.pic)

  • Deployment-level component dependency graph (.dot) – including deployment boundaries

  • Assembly-level component dependency graph (.dot) – without deployment boundaries

  • Container dependency graph (.dot)

  • Deployment-level operation dependency graph (.dot)

  • Assembly operation dependency graph (.dot)

  • Aggregated deployment call tree (.dot)

  • Aggregated assembly call tree (.dot)

  • Call trees (.txt)

  • Message traces (.txt)

  • Execution traces (.txt)

  • Invalid execution traces (.txt)

  • System model (.html)

  • Deployment equivalence classes

  • Assembly equivalence classes

The pic and dot files can be transformed into SVG and PDF documents with a provided conversion script. Please consult the trace analysis page for more details on the generated output and conversion tooling.

Furthermore, Kieker is supplemented by different tools to inspect and analyze Kieker logs.