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Kieker is a Java-based application performance monitoring and dynamic software analysis framework. Monitoring adapters for other platforms, such as C, C++, Visual Basic~6~(VB6), .NET, and COBOL, exist as well (Contact us directly if you are interested in Kieker support for other platforms).

A general introduction can be found in Introduction.

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Kieker is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the license at <>

The Kieker source and binary release archives include a number of third-party libraries. Appendix~ref{appendix:libraries} lists these libraries along with information on the licenses. The lib/ directory of the release archives contains a .LICENSE file for each third-party library, pointing to the respective license text.

Citing Kieker

When referencing Kieker resources in your publications, we would be happy if you respected the following guidelines:

  • When referencing the Kieker project, please cite our IPCE-2012 paper and/or our 2009 technical report [TR-0921]. Also, you might want to add a reference to our web site (<>) like

      author = {{Kieker Project}},
      title = {Kieker web site},
      year = CURYEAR,
      url = {}
  • When referencing this user guide, e.g., when reprinting contents, please use a proper citation.