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Quick Start Guide

This tutorial discusses how to get traces from a small Java application packaged in a jar-file and subsequently create graphics from the collected monitoring data.


Kieker writes the monitoring log files into the system’s default temporary directory (e.g. /tmp/) in a directory named kieker-<date>-<timestamp>-UTC. The precise path can be found in the console output.

Alternatively, you can specify the path to the kieker property file and the AspectJ file aop.xml as follows:

java -javaagent:kieker-1.15.4-aspectj.jar -Dkieker.monitoring.configuration=file://path/to/ -Dorg.aspectj.weaver.loadtime.configuration=file://path/to/aop.xml -jar MyJar.jar


Under Linux you should use in the following the corresponding .sh-scripts instead of the .bat-scripts.

  • Install Graphviz and make sure that the binaries are accessible via the system’s path.

  • Execute bin\trace-analysis.bat -i <temporary directory>\kieker-<date>-<timestamp>-UTC -o . --plot-Aggregated-Assembly-Call-Tree --plot-Assembly-Component-Dependency-Graph

  • Execute bin\dotPic-fileConverter.bat . png