Download and Extract Tutorial

The Kieker download site provides archives of the binary and source distribution, special bundles, the Javadoc~API, as well as additional examples. For this quick start guide, Kieker’s binary distribution, e.g.,, is required and must be downloaded. After having extracted the archive, you’ll find the directory structure and contents shown below

  • kieker-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT-binaries/

    • bin Call scripts for old style Kieker tools

    • build/libs Kieker framework libraries

    • doc Old style documentation

    • examples Example projects and configuration files

      • userguide Source code of the examples in this document

    • tools Packaged Kieker tools



    • README

The Java sources presented in this user guide, as well as pre-compiled binaries, are included in the examples/userguide/ directory. The file task ':mainJar' property 'archiveFileName' contains the Kieker.Monitoring and Kieker.Analysis components, as well as the Kieker.Trace-Analysis tool. The sample Kieker.Monitoring configuration file will be detailed in Chapter 3. In addition to the task ':mainJar' property 'archiveFileName' file, the build/libs/ directory includes variants of this .jar files with integrated third-party libraries. Additional information on these .jar files and when to use them will follow later in this document.